Nahoma Presberg

Rochester, New York

Academic Interests:


  • LOGOS Publicity Manager
  • Partners in Reading
  • ASL Club
  • GRADE (Guaranteed Rochester Accelerated Degree in Education)

What were some of your favorite activities prior to arriving at University of Rochester?

I really enjoyed running cross-country in high school. I had great coaches who encouraged me to pursue my goals. Even though I never really participated in other sports, I got a lot stronger from being on the cross-country team and enjoyed spending time with the other team members.

What was your favorite class in high school and why?

My favorite class in high school was my AP art history class. Our teacher had visited many of the places we talked about and much of the class was taught from photographs she had taken. I learned to appreciate many artistic styles that I didn’t previously understand, and I enjoyed seeing the progression of art styles throughout history.

What do you think best prepared you for life at University of Rochester?

While it is hard to pinpoint one thing that prepared me for life at the University of Rochester, learning to work with my teachers to understand the material the best that I could greatly attributed to my success at UR. While professor/student relationships are very different in a university setting, it is important to figure out your learning style and work to your strengths in order to maximize success.

When you applied for admission, what accomplishments did you hope would be recognized by the Admissions Office?

My college essay was something that I worked on more than any other piece of my application. It was something that I thought really exemplified who I am as a person and who I hope to become. I wrote about an experience I had in Poland and figuring out how to capture the experience on paper helped me to process the importance of the trip and what I had learned from it.

What challenges did you face prior to enrolling at University of Rochester?

My biggest challenge in school has always been test-taking. It is something that I had to work on beyond just understanding the material.

Why did you choose the University of Rochester?

I chose the University of Rochester because I like the size of the school and I like the programs that it offers. I am also a part of the Guaranteed Rochester Accelerated Degree in Education program, also known as GRADE. Through this program, I look forward to completing my master’s degree in education in my fifth year.

What is your favorite…?

UR class?
PSY 161 – “Social Psychology and Individual Differences” with Professor Andrew Elliot.

Place to eat on campus?
The Commons, formerly known as “the Pit”

Thing to do in the city of Rochester?
Visit all of the different local coffee shops!

“thing” about University of Rochester?
I love the general atmosphere. People are very friendly and open.

What unique opportunities have you taken advantage of at UR so far?

I am starting as publicity manager of LOGOS in the fall of 2012. I hope to publicize the magazine even more on campus as well as get the club more involved with the Rochester community.

What are your future plans at UR and beyond?

I would like to study art history in Italy in my junior year, and I plan to complete my master’s degree in education in my fifth year as a member of the GRADE program.

When you graduate, what will you miss most about University of Rochester?

It is hard to say what I will miss most about the University of Rochester because I feel that I still have so much more time here; but I think there’s something to be said for living with your friends and talking about the random things going on at school. It’s so gratifying to talk about the new things I learn in class. I love when I can actually be excited about the things that I am learning.