Antoinette Ena Johnson

Rochester, NY

Academic Interests

Extracurricular Activities

I am the only Rochester student that has been printed in three different publications on campus and is a member of a secret society.

What is your favorite University of Rochester tradition? Why?

My favorite University of Rochester tradition is Dandelion Day because it is the biggest and last celebration before finals and students are able to relax and have fun after the last day of class.

What is your most meaningful extracurricular activity? Why?

Writing for the Campus Times has been the most meaningful extracurricular activity on campus because it has given me the tools to properly write articles for a public audience and gave me the confidence to explore the wider world of publishing and investigative reporting.

What is your favorite University of Rochester memory?

My favorite Rochester memory is with me and my freshman roommate, Seromie.

What is your favorite thing about the city of Rochester?

I am in head over heel in love with lilacs and Rochester dedicates an entire weeklong festival to the flower, not only is there an avenue covered in the fragrant blossom. It is during the height of spring and the air is heavy with the scent, its my favorite part about Rochester.

Why did you choose the University of Rochester?

I chose Rochester because I am from the city and knew of its reputation in the medical world (once upon a pre-med time) as well as the academic architecture that requires that reminds you to focus on your work and enjoy college life.

Why is University of Rochester a good fit for you?

Rochester is a good fit for me because it has opened many doors for me in the way of writing and networking, and it has the perfect number of students so that I know most people, yet I still meet new people every day.

What is your dream job after graduating from the University of Rochester?

My dream job would be to work for CNN, Aljazeera, or The New York Times as a full-time news writer, they would send me to different areas of the globe and I would to speak to influential people to write articles that the world would read daily.

If you could meet one celebrity on a tour, who would it be?

I would love to give Kevin Hart a tour of UR because I think he would hilarious and he would laugh at all my jokes (or me) and I think if he asked questions they would be so ridiculous that the answers could only be more entertaining to the group.

What is your favorite part of the UR campus to show on a tour?

Wilson Commons is my favorite part of the tour because there all the facets of the campus community come together in one building and Hirst Lounge is the perfect balance of sunlight and flags.

What’s been your favorite class? Why?

When I was a freshman I took Contact Improvisation, a dance class, where I got to dance improv, learn how to improv dance with another person, touching for the entire time. During some classes we would lie on the floor going through breathing exercises and if we fell asleep, she wouldn’t wake us and would say, “your body must have needed it.”

How would you describe the “typical Rochester student?”

Cool nerds.