David Toomey

Cohasset, MA

Academic Interests:

Extracurricular Activities:

What is your favorite University of Rochester memory?

Shockingly enough, my favorite Rochester memory is of spring finals week of my Freshman year. Taking organic chemistry as a freshman was a huge challenge, and all of us that took it together really bonded to overcome it. Specifically, we spent one day holed up in Gleason Theater, ordering Chinese food and essentially making the absolute best of a difficult situation.

What is your favorite thing about the City of Rochester?

My favorite thing about the City of Rochester is the music. From theater to the Eastman School to smaller bands at bars, music seems to be an integral part of what sets Rochester apart from other cities. At times it also seems as though a lot of the music scene is tailored to college students, which is a definite plus.

Why did you choose the University of Rochester?

At the end of the day, I chose Rochester because of the people I would spend the next four years of my life with. As I was looking at schools, I noticed that the majority of the science-and-research oriented universities fostered an overly competitive, almost cutthroat environment for their students. Rochester seemed different in that it promoted a collaborative approach to success, urging students to work together to improve as a whole rather than rise above one another. What’s more, this has definitely proven to be true in my time here thus far.