MT Wesley

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Academic Interests:

What was your favorite University of Rochester tradition?

Seriously, Meliora Weekend was my favorite University of Rochester tradition. I think the weekend showed you what this school could really do for its students. There were loads of activities, sport events, receptions, forums, visiting speakers, WOW! Too much to write about in 45 words.

What was your most meaningful extracurricular activity?

Black Students’ Union, UR Christian Fellowship, and Ronald E. McNair Program

What unique opportunities have you taken advantage of at U of R?

I made the University of Rochester MINE! This was my home, and I decided to take advantage of every opportunity. That meant leadership in student organizations, research, seminars, committees, forums, student employment, and the opportunity to tell you why the University of Rochester is great.

Favorite University of Rochester memory?

I was big on the student group stuff. I enjoyed the leadership conference nights and the cultural shows and events. All together, my favorite U of R memory was the STUDENT LIFE ITSELF!

Why did you choose University of Rochester?

After high school, I had two choices. I could either do THE college thing, with everyone else, or I could do MY college thing. I did MY thing. This university gave me the freedom in curriculum and opportunity to study and become what I wanted.