Emily Reiss

Stockton, New Jersey

Academic Interests:

Extracurricular Activities:

What was your favorite University of Rochester tradition?

Traying down the Danforth hill after the first big snow. Not only was it really fun, but you were bound to meet someone new. It was a great community activity.

What was your favorite U of R memory?

The first snow that I experienced after class one day. I’d been waiting for snow since September, and it was so exciting to finally have it snow.

What was your favorite thing about the city of Rochester?

The public market on Saturdays was a lot of fun. It was great to get out into the city and see the great diversity of Rochester in the people and the food.

What unique opportunities have you taken advantage of at U of R?

I participated in an environmental education program in one of the local schools, which was very satisfying. I don’t think many colleges had such a good relationship with their surrounding community.