Liz Kaminsky

Wayland, Massachusetts

Academic Interests:

What was your favorite University of Rochester tradition?

My favorite tradition at U of R was the tolling of the bell. It rang every fifteen minutes and let you know exactly what time it was, no matter where you were on campus.

What is your favorite U of R memory?

My favorite memory is from fall during freshman Orientation. As a Freshman Fellow, I arrived at school early and helped the D’Lions and RA get the hall decorated for the freshmen. The very first night we all stayed up late decorating and truly bonding. I was a little apprehensive over the summer, hoping we all would get along. That first night, my expectations were exceeded, and I just knew that it would be an awesome hall and an even more awesome year.

What was your favorite thing about the city of Rochester?

My favorite thing about the city of Rochester was Park Ave. It had so many tasty restaurants and cute shops. One of my favorite restaurants was called Cibon, and it served the best cinnamon gelato I have ever had.

Why did you choose the University of Rochester?

I chose the University of Rochester for three reasons. First, I loved the fact that undergraduates have the opportunity to be involved in research with professors. Second, U of R was very generous with its financial aid packages and merit award scholarships. Third, I love being able to make my own decisions and choose my own destiny. Rochester’s curriculum was a perfect fit since it allowed me the freedom to choose a sign language course, a martial arts dance course, a cognitive science course, and a statistics course all in the same semester.

What unique opportunities have you taken advantage of at U of R?

The most unique opportunity I have had at U of R was to learn American Sign Language. U of R was one of the few schools that has a program for ASL, as the City of Rochester had the largest per-capita deaf population of any city in the country. I intended to become fluent in ASL and wanted to work with deaf people in some capacity after college. If I had not chosen to come to U of R, I would have never learned ASL and realized my passion for this visual language and deaf culture.