Jessica Chery

Winter Haven, Florida

Academic Interests:

What was your favorite University of Rochester tradition?

Meliora Weekend.

Describe a saturday night during your time at Rochester

I was in New York City visiting my aunt. It was spring break and I was getting ready to come back to campus. I spent half the day on a plane, in the airport, and in a car; the other half of the day I spent with friends who had just gotten back from spring break.

What unique opportunities have you taken advantage of at U of R?

I have been involved in a lot more than I ever thought I could possibly do in college, let alone in one year, and it was great! One of the desires that I never got the chance to pursue in high school was drum-based dance. Because of the great diversity  at the University, I  found a dance group on campus that actually performs African-based drum dances. I joined, and it was an awesome experience. With the cluster system, I was able to take a course in the history of the Caribbean. I was not much of a history person in high school, but that course defeated all my biases about history courses. I loved it! I had a lot more to pursue at the University during my four years, such as voice lessons at Eastman and piano lessons on the River Campus. I was also interested in auditing a course, to take something out of pure interest and not have to worry about grades, studying, or exams! For me that was an incredible educational opportunity!

What was your most meaningful extracurricular activity?

SOCA (Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness)! One of the most attractive qualities about the University of Rochester is its belief of the importance of diversity, especially as it relates to cultural identities. SOCA was started through the initiative of my friend and me because we felt the need for greater comprehension and appreciation of the Caribbean region and Caribbean cultures as it relates to America and Americans. For me, SOCA was a symbol of the upholding of the value of cultural diversity on the University’s campus.