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Why attend?

At the University of Rochester, students pursue only what they’re interested in. With Rochester’s Pre-College Programs, high school students get that same freedom. For over twenty-five years, these programs have welcomed students from around the globe to explore the University and its resources to broaden their educational experience, sharpen academic skills, and help them learn more about who—not just what—they want to be. Classes are taught by University faculty and graduate students and top local educators who have demonstrated their enthusiastic commitment to cultivating the minds of young students. With small class sizes, instructors mentor each student and give valuable insights into the theories, technologies, and principles of their field.

Students who participate in pre-college programs…

  • Get a true sense of college life.
    Gain new perspectives on academic abilities.
    Explore career possibilities.
    Increase awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity.
    Build lasting relationships with peers who share similar interests.
    Learn in a rigorous and enjoyable environment.

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Intensive Studies

Intensive Studies

With these featured programs, students get a deeper look into non-credit college-level material and focus on a specific area of interest for three full weeks.

The Business Bootcamp introduces students to the many facets of business including economics, marketing, pricing, accounting, finance, operations, and entrepreneurship. Students will apply the knowledge they gain during morning sessions toward team-based projects and experiential learning activities in the afternoon, giving them a competitive advantage in the college application process and beyond.

RO | 11–12 | 3-wk

View Business Bootcamp course listing and description.

If you’re a non-native English speaker interested in improving your English language skills, this program focuses on the skills you will need for future success: essay writing, TOEFL preparation, and oral communication. Through classroom study and cultural exploration, you will learn more about life in America and strengthen your speaking abilities through conversation groups, games, and other social activities. You will also engage in the local community by visiting museums, Niagara Falls, and other local areas of interest.

RO | 9–12 | 3-wk | Int’l

English Language Program course description

View English Language Program course listing and description. 

This hands-on engineering program allows you to explore topics like biomedical engineering, optics, and audio and music, using the vast resources of the Hajim School. The coursework will be fun but rigorous as you complete activities, team-oriented challenges, and attend lectures given by University professors. Program activities include an egg-drop contest from the balconies of Goergen Hall, using sophisticated recording studio equipment, and learning about basic acoustics, optics, and lasers. You will also take laboratory tours and demos, attend workshops, and participate in Q&A sessions.

RR | 11–12 | 3-wk


Hajim Engineering Program Course Description

View Hajim Engineering course listing and description.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in medicine? This rigorous program offers research labs, rotations, and service learning. You’ll get firsthand experience with the clinical, community service, and public health aspects of medicine, getting a real taste of the medical school experience. Learn about anatomy and physiology by handling plastinated and embalmed human organs, explore the brain and psychiatric disorders through dissection and prosection, and examine public health through a tour of local Mt. Hope Cemetery.

RR | 11–12 | 3-wk

Mini Medical School course description

View Mini Medical School course listing and description.

This in-depth workshop recaptures some of the magic, fun, and rigor of the art of moviemaking and introduces you to old (16 mm black and white film stock, 1980s VCR cameras) and new (Vine, iMovie) traditions of short filmmaking. Through experiential activities like shooting, processing, and cutting film and visiting the world-renowned George Eastman House of Film and Photography, you will plunge headfirst into an intimate relationship with the art of short visual storytelling.

RO | 11–12 | 3-wk

The Art of a Short Film course description

View The Art of a Short Film course listing and description.

Non-Credit Courses

Non-Credit Courses

With Rochester Scholars, students use Rochester’s open curriculum as a model by selecting classes they’re most passionate about. The noncredit course offerings reflect Rochester’s areas of study and are structured like college seminars. Students can chooseup to two courses per session, from fields like the arts, engineering, English, history, humanities, mathematics, medicine, modern languages, music, and sciences. Partners include the Eastman School of Music, the Medical Center, the School of Nursing, and the Hajim School of Engineering. Students participate in class discussions, field trips, group projects, experiments, and labs, putting new found knowledge to use in creative ways.

Students looking for a residential experience will take two classes: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Commuter students may choose whether they would like to take a morning class, afternoon class, or both.

RO | 9–12 | 1-wk | 2-wk | 3-wk


Rochester Scholars Course Descriptions


Sample non-credit courses:

  • Arduino Constructor
  • Biomedical Technology: Engineer, Doctor, or Both?
  • Exploring Mixed Identities
  • Handcrafted Photography
  • The Infinite Wonders of Space
  • Introduction to Elementary Japanese
  • The Language of Cinema: How Movie Makers Tell Stories

  • The Magic of Molars and the Wisdom of Teeth: Exploring Oral Health
  • Managing and Imagining Your Future
  • Nursing: Is It In Your Future?
  • Rochester CSI
  • Strangeness in Quantum Physics
  • Summer Connection at Eastman School of Music
  • What’s Up Doc? Exploring the Pre-Med Experience

View Rochester Scholars course listings and descriptions.

Credit Courses

Credit Courses

With Taste of College, students get a jump-start on their college career. This program allows students to earn college credit and study among Rochester undergraduates. The classes motivate students to explore subjects typically reserved for study on a collegiate level. Courses are offered during the University’s fall, spring, and summer academic semesters, and credits are transferable to most colleges and universities.

RO | 11–12 | UR | Int’l


Taste of College Course Descriptions


Sample credit courses:

  • Calculus I
  • Contemporary Issues & Anthropology
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Introduction to International Politics
  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Prep for College Chemistry
  • Principles of Biology I
  • Principles of Economics
  • Ways of Seeing Comparative Post-War Global Cinema


Semester Schedule

2016 classes are offered during the University semesters.

Spring SessionJanuary 13–May 9
Summer Session A1May 16–June 10 (4 weeks)
Summer Session A2May 16–June 24 (6 weeks)
Summer Session B1June 27–July 22* (4 weeks)
Summer Session B2June 27–August 5* (6 weeks)

*Residential housing is available for the B1 and B2 summer sessions only.


View Taste of College course listings and descriptions.

Off-Campus and Abroad

Off-Campus and Abroad

These program options are challenging and transformative opportunities for students to gain field research training and knowledge in anthropology, ecology, economics, environmental studies, international development, and public health. In the past, programs in Malawi and Samoa have combined academics and adventure, preparing students for the college classroom while reminding them that the best classrooms are often found in unexpected places.

RR | 11–12 | 2-wk


Study Abroad Course Descriptions


View Off-Campus and Abroad course listings and descriptions.

For International Students

For International Students

International students are required to submit all application documents no later than April 1, 2016.

The University welcomes international students to apply to the Pre-College Programs. International students make significant contributions to campus learning by fostering awareness of and respect for other cultures and by bringing unique perspectives into the classroom. Our Pre-College Counselors are prepared to help them adjust to a new culture, environment, and educational system. International applicants must apply by April 1. If English is not your first language, a Skype interview will be required.


Programs for International Students

International students may apply to any of our Pre-College Programs, including the Intensive Studies, Non-Credit Courses, Credit Courses, and the Off-Campus and Abroad programs.



Application Requirements

International students are encouraged to apply early. Your application will be reviewed and considered once all the required admission materials are received.

To be considered for admission, international students must complete and submit the following:

  • Online application
  • $50 nonrefundable application fee (will be applied to final tuition)
  • Personal statement
  • Most recent high school transcript, including current classes
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Permissions form (Found online)
  • Financial assistance form (If applicable; Found online)Photo of your current passport that shows your name and picture
  • Admissions interview via Skype

Items may be uploaded online or sent to:

University of Rochester
Office of Pre-College Programs
Box 270034
Rochester, New York 14627-0034
Fax: (585) 756-8480


We do not require international students to submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores when applying to the Pre-College Program. We will determine a student’s English proficiency during the required Skype interview.

Upon acceptance, the Pre-College Program will email the applicant an official letter of acceptance. The letter will confirm the program, dates, pre-arrival information, tuition and fees, and payment deadline.

Students who are dual citizens (and will enter the US on their US passport) or are US permanent residents (Green Card holders) do not need to apply for a visa. All international students admitted to the Pre-College Program and traveling to the United States must ensure they have a valid passport (valid for at least six months from date of entry) for travel to and from the program and for the duration of the program.


If an international student chooses to apply for an F-1 Visa, they will need to demonstrate financial ability to support full-time summer study in order for the University of Rochester to issue the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility.


Health insurance 
International and non-US citizens participating in the Pre-College Program are required to have health insurance. Short-term health insurance may be available through Seven Corners, Inbound Guest: www.sevencorners.com.


RR: Residential required

RO: Residential optional

UR: Semester options

1-wk/2-wk/3-wk: Week length options

912: For rising 9th through 12th-grade students

1112: For rising 11th through 12th-grade students

Int’l: Recommended for international students


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