• Tragos Quest: Sound Mind and Sound Body
    Tragos Quest

    A summer expedition in Greece recently gave an undergraduate the opportunity to better understand his fraternity’s mission of “building balanced men.”  Russell Rosenkranz ’15 was selected among hundreds of national applicants for this year’s Tragos Quest, a 10-day trip through Greece sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon.

    Reading selections from Homer and Socrates and subsequently venturing through the country’s archaeological sites, he was given the opportunity to challenge himself mentally and physically in hopes of obtaining the Greek goal of having a “sound mind in a sound body.”






University acquires newly discovered collection of Susan B. Anthony letters
SB Anthony Letters Acquisition

On Aug. 26, 1920, with the formal adoption of the 19th Amendment, women won the right to vote. Now, a newly discovered collection of Susan B. Anthony letters will help show how.

The letters were written by Anthony to her “most cherished young lieutenant” Rachel Foster Avery from 1881 through the turn of the century. Acquired last week by the University of Rochester’s River Campus Libraries, the historic collection will help bring to life the suffrage movement through the eyes of two of its most important members.

Top Producers of U.S. Fulbright Students
Fulbright Scholars 2014

The research institutions on this list whose Fulbright applicants had the highest rates of success were the University of California at San Diego, the University of Rochester, and Arizona State University.


Jeni Stolow; An Unconventional Life
Stolow Jeni

Do you know anyone who places frozen spoons every morning on her eyes just to wake herself up? Well if you know Jeni Stolow ’14, then you do!


Life in the Wild
Life in the Wild

What are you doing at 4:30 a.m. on a school day? For most undergrads, an average morning involves sleeping, or perhaps some last minute work on a paper or project. For Tyler Breen ‘16, it is the start of his workday during waterfowl season…

The Sky’s the Limit with OdysseyLife
Odyssey LIfe

Did you have trouble adjusting to life on campus as a freshman? Well now there’s an app for that! University of Rochester undergraduates Keyu (Sky) Song ‘15 and Xiayan (Eric) Huan ’15 are the founders of OdysseyLife Inc…


STEM Initiative Grows to Promote Science Education
STEM Science Ed

A new student organization is hoping to sow the seeds of science throughout the Rochester community.  Dubbed the STEM Initiative, the group focuses on motivating and inspiring young students to pursue education in the “STEM” fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.


What the Fudge?
What Fudge

Meet Kiara Medina ‘15 and Jessica Brogdon ‘16, the current University of Rochester Candy Engineers. The Candy Engineer position is passed down from year to year, with only two being active at a time. Medina, a junior business major…



The Circuit Board Jewelry of Amanda Preske
Circuitboard Jewelry

When walking by the Common Market, you may have noticed one of the University’s quirky little treasures: jewelry hand-made from old circuit boards. Many have speculated on who creates these works of art. Could it be a computer science student, or perhaps a studio art major?


“The Rocky’s” Celebrate Campus Leadership
Rockys Student Awards

Each spring, the Office of the Dean of Students and the Rochester Center for Community Leadership recognize undergraduate students and organizations that have made significant contributions to campus life…



Forbes Names Rochester a Top 50 Return on Investment College

Forbes recently named the University of Rochester a Top 50 Return on Investment College for their 2014 listing.