101 things to do before you graduate

Take this quiz to find out how many you still need to do before the big day, or how many all you alumni can call “done!”

App makes campus dining “ever better”
dining app

A new iOS application hopes to improve campus dining experiences for undergraduates.  Xuefeng Peng ’17 and Jacob Niebloom ’18 have created an app called URdining that will serve as a database for all information relating to food on campus.


Crew Rows Towards Greatness
mens crew greatness

Since the summer of 1981, the University of Rochester Crew Team has seen over three decades of support and growth.  The team’s historical identity has roots that connect it to both the River Campus and the Greater Rochester Community.


“Rockys” Celebrate Leadership
rocky awards celebration

The Office of the Dean of Students and the Rochester Center for Community Leadership recognize undergraduates and organizations that have made significant contributions to campus life.



Equestrian Trots to Success
UR Equestrian Trots

“One thing people don’t always realize is that it’s a dangerous sport…”



Alternative break; hope for Haiti
Haiti Spring Break

For spring break 2015, seven University of Rochester students and their professor spent a week in Haiti.




Sigma Chi: Sharing through Service
Sigma Chi Service

The first time you see the village of Vermuja (which translates literally to “The Little Houses”), you are left speechless…


Spread the Word to End the Word
End the R Word

A collaborative effort between student groups and the Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL) is hoping to “Spread the Word to End the Word” on the River Campus…

Senior honors thesis breaks barriers
Art Thesis Heirarchies

Marz Saffore ’15 sought to rethink convention and challenge the status quo with her senior honors thesis show, “Erasing Hierarchies.”



UR Celtic Steps into the Spotlight
Celtic club

“We mix traditional with modern.” That was how one member described the UR Celtic Irish Dance team’s mission.