• Senior honors thesis breaks barriers
    Art Thesis Heirarchies

    Marz Saffore ’15 sought to rethink convention and challenge the status quo with her senior honors thesis show, “Erasing Hierarchies.” Saffore said, “I wanted to create a space where people felt they could talk about [differences], but not feel like they were alone in talking about it… I created a project where everyone was talking about it.”


Sigma Chi: Sharing through Service
Sigma Chi Service

The first time you see the village of Vermuja (which translates literally to “The Little Houses”), you are left speechless…


Spread the Word to End the Word
End the R Word

A collaborative effort between student groups and the Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL) is hoping to “Spread the Word to End the Word” on the River Campus…

UR Celtic Steps into the Spotlight
Celtic club

“We mix traditional with modern.” That was how one member described the UR Celtic Irish Dance team’s mission.



Students stand against sexual assault

The University of Rochester Students’ Association Government is taking a stance against sexual assault by joining the “It’s On Us” campaign.



What Clubs Are You In? Campus Clubs Galore

With over 250 different student organizations to choose from, it’s no wonder that UR undergrads are always so busy!


A Spirit of Activism at Rochester

I’d been active in social justice campaigns during high school and wanted to attend a school where I could pursue similar effort…



What Are You Thankful For?
What Are You Thankful For    YouTube

Hear what Rochester students are thankful for in 2014.


Life as a Campus Times Editor
Campus Times Editor

When I wandered into the Campus Times office the Wednesday of my first official week of college, I had no idea how much the place would come to mean to me…



What’s Abuzz in A Cappella?
Buzz In Acapella

Even with the fall a cappella season coming to a close, all four campus ensembles are still hard at work on fine tuning their harmonies for albums, competitions, and beyond!



Travel & Quilted Trophies?
Travel Quilted Trophies

“I wandered into the debate office by accident. My high school didn’t have a debate team, so it was something that was completely unfamiliar to me.”