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Schlarship Receipient

“U of R’s relationship with ORT Braude College of Engineering in Israel allowed me to spend a summer studying abroad doing robotics research. I met fantastic people, I can put it on my résumé, and I could study abroad in Israel longer as an engineer.”

“I’m currently an intern at an energy company in South Florida. I’m not certain what job I’ll end up doing when I eventually take one, but I’m not worried because I’ll have options.”

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FIRST Robotics Scholarship

Students who participate on a FIRST team and have an excellent academic record, make ideal additions to campus. The creativity, inventiveness, and drive necessary to succeed on a FIRST team will also help them to succeed at Rochester. For more information about the FIRST Scholarship Program click here.

Completion of the FIRST Scholarship Application is required for consideration.

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Prince Street Scholarship

The Prince Street Scholarship, named after the original campus location in the Arts District of downtown Rochester, recognizes high academic achievers who possess an outstanding creative capacity in one or more artistic fields. These are awarded to qualifying students regardless of their intended major or career path.

Simon Scholars Case Award

This $15,000 scholarship is awarded to winners of an annual case competition event. If you are admitted to the Simon Business School and after successful completion of your undergraduate program, the scholarship will continue to be awarded for any full-time MBA or master’s degree program. For more information, visit here.

STEP Scholarship

The University of Rochester is proud to offer this scholarship to participants in the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) to help bring them and their unique talents and perspective to campus.

Youth Orchestra Scholarship

This award is given to outstanding students who have demonstrated musical excellence and commitment through participation in a regional youth orchestra, and who intend to pursue a significant academic challenge in a discipline other than, or in addition to, music.

Steven J. Harrison Scholarship

This 1/3 tuition scholarship is awarded to students admitted to the GRADE (Guaranteed Rochester Accelerated Degree in Education) Program, a five-year BA/BS + MSEd program for students interested in becoming educators. The University of Rochester is honored to offer this scholarship in memory of Steven Harrison, a 2000 graduate of the College and a 2001 graduate of the Warner School’s English teacher education program. He was a dedicated teacher at East High School and was taking leadership classes at the Warner School as he pursued a second master’s degree and certification as a school administrator when he passed away in 2006.

More information on the GRADE program can be found here

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