Common Questions for Undergraduates

What is the IRS Data Retrieval Tool?
Are there income cutoffs for financial assistance?
No. Every application is individually reviewed so that factors such as assets, family size, and number in college are considered, in addition to the family income.
When will I learn about my financial aid?
Students who complete all application materials on time and are admitted to the University will receive a financial aid email notification shortly after their notification of admission. Every effort is made to ensure that all students receive their financial aid award information prior to the May 1 deposit deadline; however, late applicants may need to make a deposit decision prior to receiving an award.
What if I don't get a financial aid email shortly after my letter of admission?
Students who do not receive financial aid notifications typically have not filed all of the materials requested by the Financial Aid Office. Check to make sure you have completed the CSS PROFILE and the FAFSA and that you included the University on the list of schools to receive the information. If you have any concerns about your financial aid application, contact the Financial Aid Office.
Are special circumstances considered?
If your family has concerns about contributing the portion of the cost not covered by financial aid, we encourage you to contact the Financial Aid Office so that we may discuss the situation with you. Every situation is unique, so we will work with you to determine what financing options are available to assist your family. In all cases, a written appeal detailing your special circumstances and providing appropriate documentation will be required in order for a further review of your file to take place.
Do I need to qualify for need-based financial aid to compete for scholarships?
No. You may compete for scholarships regardless of your family's demonstrated financial need.
If I won a high school award, am I still eligible for other scholarships?
Yes, you will still be considered for other scholarships; however, students are limited to a single merit award, so students will receive the highest-valued award for which they qualify.
How do scholarships that I receive from outside the University of Rochester affect my financial package?
The amount of the outside scholarships received will reduce the work-study and loan awards before reducing university need-based grants. The combination of outside awards and Rochester-packaged awards may not exceed a student's institutional need or cost of attendance.
What if I have a National Merit, National Hispanic, or National Achievement Scholarship? How does this affect my financial aid award?
First-year students who have chosen the University of Rochester as their first-choice school will receive a university-sponsored renewable scholarship of at least $17,000. The Financial Aid Office will be notified of all recipients during the summer months. If the award is not yet part of the financial aid package, the Financial Aid Office will make the appropriate adjustments when notified of these awards.
What else do I need to know as a transfer student?
Application requirements and notification procedures differ based on the term for which you are seeking admission. For the most up-to-date information, please contact our office. There are some merit scholarships that are unique to transfer students. Transfer students are also subject to different general guidelines, such as loan levels and the number of semesters they may receive institutional funding. Transfer students only receive university aid until the graduation date that was determined at the time of admission.
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