Merit vs. Need

Like many colleges and universities, we distinguish between two types of financial assistance: support based on merit and support based on need. Merit-based assistance usually takes the form of scholarships, while need-based aid is typically awarded as grants, loans, work study, etc.

The College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering awards all merit-based scholarships. Questions about merit-based scholarships should be addressed to the Office of Admissions. The Financial Aid Office evaluates eligibility for need-based assistance and sends award notices. A financial aid offer from the University often includes both types of aid.

Merit-based aid is automatically reapplied to your financial package each year; however, since your family's financial situation will likely change from year to year, you must reapply for need-based aid each year.

You Should Also Know...

  • Every application is individually reviewed so that factors such as assets, family size, and number in college are considered, in addition to the family income.
  • We distribute merit-based aid regardless of a family's demonstrated financial need.
  • Like most private universities, the University uses an Institutional Methodology (IM) to calculate an expected family contribution (EFC). This means the EFC at Rochester will be different from that provided by other sources, depending on each family's individual circumstances.
  • Students who complete all application materials on time and are admitted to the University will receive a financial aid award letter shortly after their notification of admission. Late applicants may not receive their award letter until after the May 1 deposit deadline, so it's important to keep track of deadlines.
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