Welcome! We couldn’t do it without you. Great students come to Rochester and are happy here because of the great things you tell them about us. Thank you.

We hope you’ll find this page helpful in learning more about the University of Rochester and the students who thrive here. Whether you’re interested in our fly-in programs, what we award AP credit for, which counselor will be working with your students this fall, or what scholarships we offer, you’ll find it here.

If there is anything we could be doing to make your life as a school counselor easier, please let us know.

Thanks for all you do!

Patrick O’Neill
Secondary School Relations


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Admissions Process

One factor that carries the most weight in reviewing applications is the high school transcript. Honors, AP, and IB classes are strong indicators of the extent to which students challenge themselves. However, we understand that course offerings vary greatly from one school to another; therefore, our admissions counselors review each school’s profile to best understand the courses available.

An admissions interview, while not required, is strongly recommended. Interviews allow students to tell us more about themselves – their interests, their passions, and their drive to design their own education. Interviews also help determine scholarship candidates and give each student the opportunity to talk one-on-one with someone who knows the University very well. Reserved for rising seniors, interviews are offered on campus from May to December and with alumni all over the country from September to January.

Please encourage your students to visit campus. This type of contact is important to us. We want to be sure the students we admit know the University well and truly want to be here. If visiting is not an option, have them connect with their regional representative by telephone or email so that their questions can be answered and a relationship can be built.

Note: Students apply to the University, not any specific major. As a result, all students are accepted as “undecided” and are not required to officially declare a major until the end of their sophomore year.

For application information, please visit our Apply page.


Application Deadlines

Regular Decision Freshmen (domestic and international)
All Application Materials: 12:00 am EST, January 5
Notification Date: by April 1
Your Response Required: May 1

Early Decision Freshmen (domestic and international)
All Application Materials: 12:00 am EST, November 1
Notification Date: Mid-December
Your Response Required: within 3 weeks of notification

Professional Degree Programs
Application and All Other Forms: 12:00 am EST, December 1
Your Response Required: May 1

Financial Aid Deadlines
Get more information on financial aid deadlines for ED, RD, and transfers.


Additional Deadline Information

First-year applicants who apply Early Decision (ED I or ED II) should:

  • Know UR is their first choice, because, all other things equal, students who apply ED are more likely to gain admission.
  • Apply by November 1 (ED I) or as individually noted for ED II.
  • Schedule their admissions interview no later than November 30.
  • Learn their status by December 15 (ED I) or January 20 (ED II).
  • A small number of ED applicants will be deferred for Regular Decision.
  • 95% of those who apply ED will be admitted or denied. None will be waitlisted.


Testing Policy

Read about our flexible testing policy.

Counselor Programs

Secondary School Issues Conference
The University of Rochester’s annual Secondary School Issues Conference is a professional conference where you will hear thought-provoking speakers and express your views on issues related to secondary school education and college counseling. More than merely a college visit, this event is aimed at looking at the bigger picture.

Colleges of Rochester Tour
Join us during Western New York’s spectacular fall season as we guide you through the region to visit some of the state’s finest colleges and universities. The tour includes stops at Nazareth College, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of Rochester.

Upstate New York Counselor Tour
An opportunity to visit Rochester in the spring along with several other Upstate NY colleges and universities including Union College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Syracuse University, Ithaca College, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of Rochester.

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Rochester Principles

Excellence Requires Freedom

Students do best when learning what they love, so we put students in the driver’s seat. Our students create their own curriculum by following their passions.

“Your education belongs to you; here, we want you to go where your heart and mind lead you. We respect your goals and know that following your interests will help you succeed.”

William Scott Green
Former Dean of the College
Professor of Religion and Classics

Knowledge Should be Created and Shared

Rochester is consistently ranked among the top ten private research universities in America. Whatever their passion, from the sciences to the arts, we encourage all our students not just to learn, but to create and share new knowledge.

“In any academic arena at this university, the defining characteristics are passion, new ways of thinking and teaching, and the opportunity to work closely with professors who are renowned scholars. Imagine a major research university that actually nurtures every undergraduate’s growth.”

Gladys Pedraza-Burgos
Co-Director, CACHE