Scholarship Search Program

The online scholarship search program is designed to give you an idea of which of Rochester’s awards you may be eligible for.

This survey is not a substitute for the FAFSA/CSS PROFILE forms. For need-based aid, please refer to the Financial Aid website.

Some Rochester scholarship awards are based on specific student characteristics, so we’re going to ask you for some details on the next several pages. Note that the vast majority of the scholarship money we award is intended for generally strong and interesting students from any high school, any religious or ethnic background, and from any of the United States or the world’s regions.

Most don’t require specific activities, either. So: don’t panic if you can’t check many of the boxes on the pages that follow.

For each category, check any and all boxes that apply to you. (If there is no box in a given category that applies to you, simply move on to the next one.)

First-time applicants

This scholarship search tool helps to match students with awards they may be eligible for; it does not guarantee any awards.

All final decisions on merit awards are made at the time of admission. Each student may receive only one award.

Returning applicants

Eligibility is reviewed each year; therefore, you must reapply in order to be considered again for the award(s) you’re currently receiving.