Why Should I Interview?

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to take a step forward. Tell us who you are and why Rochester is where you want to be.

Top 3 Reasons To Interview

  1. At the University of Rochester, we want to know the person only you can show us. If playing with chemistry sets in your spare time gets you moving, TELL US. If Bill Shakespeare is more your thing, sweet! We're convinced the interview is our best way to learn about your interests, your passion, and your drive to design your own education.
  2. Interviews help determine scholarship candidates, so if you plan on competing for merit-based awards, an interview is strongly recommended.
  3. This is your chance to talk to someone who knows this place. Whether you interview with an Admissions representative or a Rochester alum, you're going to get the real deal, not just internet details that discourage real conversation.

Where To Interview

On-campus: From May to December, we interview students interested in applying for the up-coming academic year. Typically, this means high school seniors.

Off-campus: September through January 1, interviews take place all over with Admissions representatives and Rochester alumni. For many people who live far from campus, an off-campus interview is the most convenient.

Keep In Mind

Transfer students: Please call us at (888) 822-2256 or (585) 275-3221 to schedule your interview, so we can be certain you meet with a member of the transfer team.

You don't have to bring any materials or documents to the interview. As for clothes, this isn't a black tie affair. Be neat, comfortable, well rested, and ready to talk about yourself.

Rochester In Your Living Room

Can't visit right now? That's not a problem — check out our virtual tours, web cams, and more...

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