Taste of College (grades 11-12)

For over 20 years, the TOC program has been offering students the opportunity to get a jumpstart on their college careers by taking courses for credit.

  • Taste of College courses are taken alongside our own undergraduate students and offered during the traditional University semesters.
  • A residential component of this program is available for high school students for four and six weeks over the summer.
  • Earn college credit, which can be transferred to most colleges and universities.
  • Gain valuable experience before enrolling full-time.
  • Grow confident in your ability to perform at a college level.
  • Clarify the next steps in your educational plans
  • Explore subjects that are not offered in your high school.
  • Study with top-notch faculty and students who are interested in the same topics you are.

Program Overview

The University of Rochester's Taste of College program provides high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take classes on a part-time basis for intellectual enrichment. These are regularly scheduled undergraduate courses that are offered during the fall, spring, and summer.

Please note: First-time students are only permitted to take one TOC course.

Program Schedule

2014 Classes are offered during the University semesters:

  • Spring January 15–May 16
  • Summer (1st four week): May 19–June 16
  • Summer (2nd four week): June 30–July 28*
  • Summer (1st six week): May 19–June 27
  • Summer (2nd six week): June 30–August 8*
  • Summer (twelve week): May 19–August 8

* Residential housing is available for the second four-week and six-week Taste of College summer sessions.

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Tuition and Fees

Learn more about tuition and fees

Please note: For the fall and spring semesters, 50% of tuition is due at the time of registration. For the summer sessions, 100% tuition is due at the time of registration.

Employees: If you are a University of Rochester employee, your children may be eligible for tuition benefits. Learn more.

Forms and Information Available to Download

Student Application Process

  • Submit the completed TOC application at least 30 days before the start of class.
  • Schedule an interview with the Pre-College Programs office.
  • Allow up to 14 days for the application to be reviewed. Decisions will be sent via mail or email.
  • Admitted students will submit payment in the form of a credit card, check, or tuition waiver.
  • Attend orientation.

TOC Orientation

Newly admitted TOC students must attend an orientation offered by the Pre-College Programs office. During orientation, students will be given a tour of campus, including their classroom location, and be taken to the ID office, parking office, and bookstore. For further information, please note the links below:

Obtaining an ID card: Your ID card will allow you to check books out of the library, attend campus events, etc. Learn more.

Parking Pass: All parking on campus requires a parking pass. Learn more.

Books: Most classes require books. These can be purchased in person at the bookstore or online.

Dropping/Adding Courses

The deadline for dropping a course or adding a new course is the end of the fourth week of classes. All of these changes must be submitted on an official Drop/Add form to the Office of Pre-College Programs. Students must obtain the instructor's signature for all courses added after the first day of classes. Courses dropped during the first four weeks of classes will be deleted entirely from the official record; however, you will be financially responsible following the refund schedule below.

Any additional tuition for an added course is to be paid at the time the change is made. The deadline for withdrawing from a course is the last day of the eleventh week of the semester. Courses from which non-matriculated students withdraw will appear on the grade report and transcript with a "W" and the week of withdrawal.

Tuition Refund Schedule:If you are dropping or withdrawing from a course, you may only be refunded a portion of the tuition paid. Learn more.