Rochester Scholars Summer Session A:
July 11-22, 2011

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21st-Century Marine Science

This course examines marine science in the context of modern technologies. Topics include the geophysical science of oceanography, the biology of the organisms that live in the oceanic zones, and how they relate to their unique liquid environment.

Argument and Debate: How to Argue and Win!

This course introduces argumentation and logic, policy analysis, and problem solving. Students practice debate in front of an audience and are encouraged to voice their opinions on a number of social issues in a forum that stresses free speech and open-mindedness.

Beat That Bug!

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Students are introduced to the world of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, and common infections caused by these agents. Topics include the human immune system, the mechanisms that have evolved to combat infection, how viruses like HIV figure out ways to bypass that protection, and the difference between "good" microbes and "bad" bugs.

Case Studies in Science: Biological Research

In this course, students explore real problems and cases in biological research, which involve laboratory activities and techniques in cell, developmental, and molecular biology. Students interact with research scientists from the U of R, explore high-tech instruments including an electron microscope, and design and perform their own experiments.

Clash of the Titans: The Nazi Invasion of the USSR

Calling upon historical film, music, and journalism, this course explores the greatest military clash in world history: the Nazi invasion of the USSR in 1941 and the ensuing four-year war. Students dig into the great battles (Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk), the ordinary soldiers' experiences of war, and life on the home fronts and in Nazi-occupied territory.

How to Stay in the Game: The Anatomy of a Sports Injury

Students gain a basic knowledge of human anatomy as it applies to the most common sports injuries. Units of study cover basic anatomy, injuries to the integumentary system, the head, neck, and spine, major joints, and major muscles. Along with the anatomy of the injury, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation techniques are also discussed.

An Introduction to Elementary Japanese

In this intensive course, students learn to form some basic sentence patterns and carry simple, fun conversations with their peers. The class views Japanese animations and dramas to enhance their ability to recognize words and phrases. Students gain a better understanding of how important bilingual speakers are in the business world and a newfound appreciation for a different culture.

Laser Wars! The Optics of Laser Tag

This course uses the popular game of laser tag to introduce students to fundamental concepts in optics. Through stimulating lectures and interactive lab demonstrations, students learn about different types of optical radiation and the various methods used to detect and measure light.

Media Studies: Music/Video/Games/Mash-ups

Students are creators in this class, producing a short mash-up video work of music, video, game-play, or found footage. The course includes brief histories of the recording industry, radio, television, cable, movies, and video games, as well as discussions of copyright, intellectual property, open-source material, and more.

Popular Astronomy: Black Holes, Aliens and Exoplanets

This course addresses popular astronomy topics such as black holes and alien life forms. Students explore how astronomers use telescopes to study the universe and get a feel for how large the universe really is.

Unexplained Quantum Phenomena Revealed

Through a series of mini-lectures and demonstrations, students explore the basic phenomena of quantum physics. Topics include quantum tunneling, quantum superposition, two-particle quantum entanglement, and optics experiments.

Warfare: Past, Present, and Future

Through art, film, poetry, and tactical reenactments, students explore the age-old craft of war, tracing its continuities and transformations from the chariot to the bomber, and beyond.

What's Up Doc? Exploring the Pre-Med Experience

Students explore the academic path to medical school; the procedures, equipment, and ethical decisions doctors encounter; and the pros and cons associated with this field.