Rochester Scholars Junior: August 1-5, 2011

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Authors of Tomorrow: A Course in Creative Writing

Students use the environment around them to foster their creativity and unique writing ideas, developing characters and settings through the use of their senses. They learn what it takes to share a compelling story with a reader—from pre-writing to a publishable piece.

Build a Mechanical Bird

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Students build their own winged creations that actually fly using a simple, rubber-band-powered mechanism. They also study bird and insect flight, engineering design principles, use of mathematics and computer software to predict the behavior of a mechanism, and some history of flapping-wing aircraft.

Build a Mobile Robot

Using LEGO® Mindstorm kits, students design, build, and program robots that will accomplish specific tasks.

The Heart-Brain Connection

This course explores the world of medicine and the various functions of the heart and brain. Topics include the nervous, circulatory, and musculoskeletal systems—how they work, the diseases and disorders of each, and how technological applications are used to correct irregularities and monitor systems.

Italy! Custom, Culture and Cuisine!

This course focuses on some of the most well-known and loved culture, customs, and cuisine of Italy. Hands-on activities include regional cooking and traditional arts and games such as bocce and Venetian vase creations.

May It Please the Court: A Mock Trial

In this Law & Order–inspired course, students participate in a dramatization of a homicide trial. Students learn about preparing a case, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, presenting exhibits in the courtroom, and the possible paths the defendant's life could take depending on the court's verdict.

Mythbusters (Life Sciences Learning Center)

Students work with U of R scientists to investigate strange phenomena in the Rochester area.

Spunky, Fantastic Superhero Adventures!

Students use their imaginations to create their own superheroes, identifying their super powers, secret identities, fatal flaws, and humorous quirks. Through drawings, stories, scripts, and skits, their heroes come to life.