• How I Play The Game (7/30/2012)

    I’ve been a goalie since I was 12, but I played other positions when I was younger. I used to play forward and midfield. There were only two goalies on my club team, and one of them quit, so I stepped in and have been in that position ever since.

  • Smoking Cessation in Himalayas (7/19/2012)

    This past June, four University of Rochester undergraduate students embarked on a month-long project to help reduce smoking in Leh, India. 

  • Summer Plans Series: Leaps and Bounds (7/3/2012)

    Working as a summer intern is not always all fun and games. However, according to Emily Ansley ’14, employment at LeapFrog Enterprises comes with quite a few perks. A developer and manufacturer of technology-based learning products for children, the company incorporates innovations in software to create educational toys for young children, which are, as the rising senior has found, surprisingly entertaining.

  • Summer Plans Series: Golden Key Award (6/24/2012)

    Levan Bokeria ’14, a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society chapter at the University of Rochester, was awarded a Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Award.

  • Summer Plans Series: League of His Own (6/20/2012)

    Baseball is more than just a simple hobby for Ethan Sander ’14. Starting early with an organized t-ball league at the age of five, his involvement with the sport has continued even into his college years.

  • Lizard Lab; Biology In Action (6/17/2012)

    The Glor Lab at the University of Rochester is an evolutionary biology lab that specializes in studying the evolutionary patterns of lizards.

  • 2013 National Student Fellows (5/31/2012)

    Announcing the Student Fellows for 2013!

  • Communal Principles Project Honors Community Values (5/29/2012)

    The Communal Principles Project (CPP) is an initiative that promotes the communal principles of fairness, freedom, honesty, inclusion, respect, and responsibility that help create a community of engaged, lifelong learners.

  • Campus Times Wins Big (5/23/2012)

    Students from the Campus Times took home two Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence awards for the Northeast Region. 

  • Spiderman at ESM (5/10/2012)

    Yesterday, students, faculty, and staff at the Eastman School of Music may have spotted Marvel Comics famous super hero as filming wrapped in Rochester on The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  • Techie.com’s 10 Most Unexpected Cities for High-Tech Innovation (4/8/2012)

    There are a handful of cities we think of, when we think of high-tech innovation and startups: San Francisco, New York, London, Bangalore, Tel Aviv . . . but today, high-tech development has been democratized. Easy and cheap availability of cloud-based resources, sophisticated telecommunications tools, platforms-as-a-service and lean models that accelerate the development and deployment process, and – sorry, California – a net outmigration from traditional tech centers, has already started to shift high-tech development to the most unlikely places.

  • Undergrad Research Recognized (4/3/2012)

    In the last week of January, four Rochester undergraduates traveled to Harvard University to give a presentation at the National College Research Conference. 

  • Just Try and Cross Them! (3/29/2012)

    This year, for the first time since the group’s founding in 1999, the University of Rochester Mock Trial club sent two teams to the prestigious Open Round Championships (ORCs). 

  • "Outrageous" Trip to Tanzania (3/26/2012)

    Eli Witkin ’13, a geology major, recently returned from a research trip to Africa to install seismic monitoring devices in a variety of locations across rural Tanzania.

  • Reading All Over the Lines (2/21/2012)

    After ten weeks of bribing a spectacular army of readers (like Patrick O'Neill here) with snacks, I've signed almost 4,000 decision letters addressed to students who had applied Early Decision or for Priority Review (PR) notification.

  • New Major Prepares Students for the World of Audio Engineering (2/4/2012)

    (To watch this video, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXLTeWDgk7o&feature=youtu.be.)


    "The field of audio and music technology is rapidly changing," observed Mark Bocko, chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Science in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Science. "More and more musicians are producing high-quality audio CDs at home, causing a decline in employment opportunities in traditional recording studios. But the industry that builds the audio equipment and software is booming, as are a number of audio-related industries. So instead of focusing on traditional audio recording, we chose to address the technological demands of the entire field."

  • Legacy of Susan B. Anthony (2/6/2012)

    Today, the term "radical" often brings to mind the image of a vagrant with extreme views. So it may be difficult for many people to see Susan B. Anthony, who was often photographed looking dignified and austere, as the controversial figure that she was. 

  • Small Insects Have Sizeable Influence on Rochester Senior (2/5/2012)

    In one of the many science labs that make up Hutchinson Hall, there is a room full of thousands of different species of Drosophila, or as most people know them, fruit flies.

  • Kennedy Center Showcases ESM Students (2/5/2012)

    Thirteen students have been chosen to represent the Eastman School of Music in the prestigious Conservatory Project at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

  • Meet Samantha Whalen: Meliora Leader (12/24/2012)

    Though only a sophomore, Samantha Whalen ’15 has managed to effectively find a  real-world application for her majors in anthropology and health, behavior & society and complement her interests in peer health advocacy and community outreach.

  • Tiananmen Protest Leader on Campus (12/20/2012)

    Two years ago Se Hoon Kim ’16 was sitting in a Barnes and Noble when an employee dropped a book.

  • New Sue B. Class (12/19/2012)

    In a new course offered this spring, University of Rochester students will take a closer look at Susan B. Anthony’s life.

  • Elusive Geomech Major (12/13/2012)

    Out of the more than 4,500 full-time undergrads at the University of Rochester, exactly three are pursuing a major in geomechanics. Just who are these brave few?

  • Introducing the Institute for Popular Music (12/7/2012)

    The University of Rochester is pleased to announce the founding of the Institute for Popular Music. Under the direction of John Covach, the UR IPM has enlisted the expertise of the top scholars in the field of popular music studies from North America and the United Kingdom, as well as from the UR campus, to develop a series of initiatives that will support the best work in popular music research.

  • Smartphones Might Develop Emotional Intelligence (12/4/2012)

    If you think having your phone identify the nearest bus stop is cool, wait until it identifies your mood.

  • Open Letter Receives NEA Grant (12/4/2012)

    The University of Rochester's Open Letter Books has been selected for an Art Works grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.

  • A Cappella James Bond (11/29/2012)

    On 12/08/12, After Hours (UR’s co-ed a cappella group), will feature the timelessness of James Bond and the contemporary flavor of Adele, David Guetta, and more.

  • Hoops Victory Crowns Coach as “Winningest” (11/28/2012)

    The University of Rochester grabbed 28 offensive rebounds and turned those into 32 second chance points to post an 80-53 victory over RIT.

  • Rochester Explores Online Education (11/19/2012)

    The University of Rochester has partnered with nine peer institutions to establish a consortium to explore a new, for-credit, online course program called Semester Online.

  • Black Solidarity Day (11/16/2012)

    On 11-05, members of the Black Students’ Union observed Black Solidarity Day, highlighting the contributions and accomplishments made by the Black community.


  • Compass for Success (11/13/2012)

    16 new students were accepted into Compass to Personal Success (CPS), a three year leadership development program for Rochester undergraduates.

  • Vision Scientist (11/9/2012)

    Aaron Levi, a brain and cognitive sciences (BCS) major and current senior, is taking part in exciting research being done at the Flaum Eye Institute.

  • Oceanography Added to Earth & Environmental Sciences (11/7/2012)

    Associate Professor John Kessler hopes his new class, EES 212: A Climate Change Perspective to Chemical Oceanography, can demonstrate how the material relates to students and help them understand the course concepts.

  • Political Internships (11/2/2012)

    One democrat, one republican. One sophomore, one senior. Two internships with competing congressional election campaigns.

  • Computer Science & Halloween? (10/31/2012)

    This October, students in a computer science class were constructed spears out of only naturally occurring materials vigorous enough to repel a tiger attack.

  • Exploring Religion & Hip Hop (10/19/2012)

    “My hope with the class is to show that hip hop culture can serve as an interpretive framework to illustrate the religious views of the artist, including the different ways in which they view religion.”

  • UR Habitat Advocates for Homeless (9/27/2012)

    Shack-A-Thon is designed to promote awareness for the club and the widespread issue of homelessness. The event also serves as a fundraiser for Habitat’s Alternative Spring Break, where students travel to a different state to assist with a build in that area for the week.

  • Prof. Longenbach in Poetry (9/4/2012)

    James Longenbach, the Joseph Henry Gilmore Professor of English, has two of his poems featured in the September 2012 issue of Poetry magazine.

  • Political Groups Rev Up (9/7/2012)

    With presidential election preparations in full swing, on-campus political groups are getting their share of the limelight.

  • Doctoral Student Takes on Fringe Fest (9/5/2012)

    Erin Futterer, ’14E (DMA), has lent her strong musical background and passion for “cross-media” into helping plan Rochester’s first Fringe Festival.

  • Wilson Days – Freshmen in the Community (8/27/2012)

    More than 1,000 freshmen at the University of Rochester will venture into the city and suburbs to volunteer at nearly 60 of Rochester's nonprofit organizations during the 24th annual Wilson Day, scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 28, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

  • Simon School of Business Expands Offerings (8/30/2012)

    Recognizing an opportunity to fulfill employer demands and seed the business community with the best and brightest career candidates, the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester is introducing specialized degree programs in Business Analytics and Pricing, and a one-year MBA degree specifically tailored for career-builders.

  • $2.2 Million Grant for Math Instruction (8/28/2012)

    A new National Science Foundation (NSF) grant will allow a professor at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education to study and help streamline this transition as school districts set out to adopt and implement these national standards and improve mathematics instruction for all students.

  • Professor Wins Latin American Book Award (8/22/2012)

    Beth Jörgensen, professor of Spanish-American literature at the University of Rochester, has won the 2011 book award in the humanities from the Mexico section of the Latin American Studies Association for her book Documents in Crisis: Nonfiction Literatures in Twentieth Century Mexico (SUNY Press).

  • Summer of Community Engagement (6/27/2012)

    “The Urban Fellows is a 10 week fellowship that places students in community organizations with the goal of not only educating them about urban issues but also figuring out ways that they can be agents of change,” said Jenna Dell, assistant director of the RCCL and director of the Urban Fellows Program.

  • Plans for the Summer? (6/25/2012)

    It’s summer time . . . and the living is not exactly easy. But the season does offer students the opportunity to engage in scholarly, performance, and service projects.

  • Hands-On Astronomy (6/13/2012)

    Living in a city like Rochester, N.Y., can put a damper on most nighttime astronomical observing...

  • Sr. Awarded Fulbright (6/6/2012)

    University of Rochester student Sorcha Dundas ’12 has been awarded a 2012-13 Fulbright Scholarship to Nepal, where she will serve as an English Teaching Assistant.

  • Students Display Real-World Solutions for the Community (5/17/2012)

    Imagine charging your cell phone just by walking. Or a specially-designed bicycle that allows amputees and people recovering from strokes to steer and change gears.

  • Tinkerer, Scholar, Hacker, Innovator (5/25/2012)

    For more than a week in May, Andrew Tomich ’14, Jared Suresky ’12, and other members of the Midnight Ramblers will hole up in makeshift recording booths in the basement of Spurrier Gym.

  • Student Life Awards Ceremony (5/15/2012)

    Each spring the Office of the Dean of Students and the Rochester Center for Community Leadership recognize undergraduate students and organizations that have made significant contributions to campus life.

  • Undergrad Research Highlight (5/11/2012)

    53 University of Rochester students recently presented their research at the 2012 Undergraduate Research Exposition on April 20th.

  • Class of 2016 Statistics (5/2/2012)

    Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Jonathan Burdick reports record-breaking numbers for the enrolling Class of 2016.

  • A Closer Look at the Hajim School (5/1/2012)

    A look at the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Rochester.

  • Sophomore Named UAA Athlete of the Week (4/24/2012)

    Sophomore Nick Palladino has been selected as the co-University Athletic Association Golfer of the Week after his performance at the Fred B. Kravetz Invitational last weekend.

  • Jr. Wins Study Abroad Contest (4/20/2012)

    University of Rochester junior Mary Pilarz was recently selected as the winner of an IES Study Abroad photo contest.

  • Experiencing the London Fashion World (8/20/2013)

    University of Rochester senior Saroyah Mevorach recently returned from an internship in London, England, with the Fashion and Textile Museum.

  • NSF Fellowships (4/18/2012)

    Nine University of Rochester students and six alumni have been named recipients of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships.

  • Pianos for Peace Makes a Joyful Noise (8/26/2013)

    August marks a very musical month for the streets of Rochester, thanks to a community arts project led by a UR undergrad. 

  • Meliora Leaders Program (4/16/2012)

    The Meliora Leaders program is a new initiative of the Rochester Center for Community Leadership that focuses on students who embody the University’s motto.

  • Dance & Movement Conference (4/3/2012)

    The University of Rochester’s Program of Dance and Movement has for years been a small but vibrant community. Perhaps many of you are unfamiliar with the academics of the dance program but the presence of dance as an integral part of campus life cannot be denied.

  • Meet UR's 2013 Fulbright Scholars (8/1/2012)

    This spring, a record-breaking 13 Rochester students and two alums have been awarded 2013-14 Fulbright U.S. Student Grants to advance their studies, perform research, and teach English abroad while serving as young ambassadors to their host countries.

  • Greek Life National Leadership Awards (3/30/2012)

    Members of the University of Rochester’s fraternity and sorority community were recognized last month with three awards at the Northeast Greek Leadership Association Conference in Stamford, CONN.

  • Strong Showing at Math Competition (3/27/2012)

    A student math team from the University of Rochester finished in the top three percent in the recent William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition.

  • Spring Break with a Cause (3/19/2012)

    Since she was 14 years old, Jessica Nielsen ’14 has been taking vacation time to build houses. Every summer she would travel to volunteer two weeks of her time and labor to help families in need of a new home.

  • Remember oUR Name (3/7/2012)

    The latest video created by the University of Rochester's Admissions Office gives prospective students facts and figures about the University with a hip hop twist.

  • Engineering Festival (2/24/2012)

    The University of Rochester is one of several research universities serving as a partner for the Second Annual USA Science & Engineering Festival.

  • Internship Leads to Career Path (2/23/2012)

    Jonathan Grima is ambitious; he's a pre-med neuroscience major doing a Take 5 year in environmental economics, while also working in Dr. Kim Tieu’s neuroscience lab.

  • Sustainability Internships (2/23/2012)

    Looking to put your background in biological sciences to use on a biofuel research project? Think the opportunity to explore the University’s South Campus forest might be cool?

  • Poly Sci Major Interns at UN (2/23/2012)

    Lendsey Achudi ’14 is the sole undergraduate in the Kenyan Mission to the United Nations.

  • Nonviolence Outreach (2/2/2012)

    From February to April, youth from the Greater Rochester area will have opportunities to attend lectures and events that share the nonviolent practices taught by Mohandas K. Gandhi and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during A Season for Nonviolence.

  • Undergrads Tackle Taco Record (2/15/2012)

    Undergraduates at the University of Rochester adopted Taco Bell’s famous slogan by thinking “outside the bun,” as they attempted to create the World’s Longest Line of Tacos on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

  • Simon School in Top 25 (2/2/2012)

    The Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester is on the rise according to an annual ranking of the world's best business schools by the Financial Times of London.


  • Undergrad Conference Honors (1/31/2012)

    In November, junior Sierrah Grigsby, along with three other University of Rochester students, traveled to St. Louis, Mo to participate in the 11th Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS).

  • Student Inspires Campus (1/25/2012)

    Life changed dramatically in a few days for 20-year-old Allison Eberhardt.