Admissions Process

One factor that carries the most weight in reviewing applications is the high school transcript. Honors, AP, and IB classes are strong indicators of the extent to which students challenge themselves. However, we understand that course offerings vary greatly from one school to another; therefore, our admissions counselors review each school's profile to best understand the courses available.

An admissions interview, while not required, is strongly recommended. Interviews allow students to tell us more about themselves - their interests, their passions, and their drive to design their own education. Interviews also help determine scholarship candidates and give each student the opportunity to talk one-on-one with someone who knows the University very well. Reserved for rising seniors, interviews are offered on campus from May to December and with alumni all over the country from September to January.

Please encourage your students to visit campus. This type of contact is important to us. We want to be sure the students we admit know the University well and truly want to be here. If visiting is not an option, have them connect with their regional representative by telephone or email so that their questions can be answered and a relationship can be built.

Note: Students apply to the University, not any specific major. As a result, all students are accepted as "undecided" and are not required to officially declare a major until the end of their sophomore year.

For application information, please visit our Apply to Rochester page.

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