Additional Information about Deadlines

First-year applicants who apply Early Decision (ED I or ED II) should:

  • know UR is their first choice, because, all other things equal, students who apply ED are more likely to gain admission.
  • apply by November 1 (ED I) or as individually noted for ED II.
  • schedule their admissions interview no later than November 30.
  • learn their status by December 15 (ED I) or January 20 (ED II).
    • a small number of ED applicants will be deferred for Regular Decision.
    • 95% of those who apply ED will be admitted or denied. None will be waitlisted.

What is Priority Review (formerly known as Early Notification)?

Priority Review (PR) is designed for students wishing to hear their admission decision sooner than Regular Decision applicants. Unlike the Early Decision option, Priority Review is not binding. By applying through PR, you identify yourself as being serious about your academic career and well matched for Rochester’s admitted student profile. As a PR applicant, you will receive your admission decision earlier than Regular Decision applicants (by February 15).

Priority Review applicants should:

  • submit their entire application by December 1.
  • schedule an admissions interview while completing your application.
    • candidates who do not schedule an interview by December 1, or do not complete an interview by December 31, are less likely to earn admission by February 15.
  • be students strongly interested in competing for larger merit scholarships.
  • be students strongly interested in being a candidate for a Research and Innovation Grant (RIG).
  • NOT be applying to any Dual Degree or Combined-Admission Program.

Note: Students earning access to enroll at the University of Rochester through the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) are ineligible for Priotity Review. HEOP selection will occur through Regular Decision.

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