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Welcome! We couldn't do it without you. Great students come to UR and are happy here because of the great things you tell them about us. Thank you.

We hope you'll find this page helpful in learning more about the University of Rochester and the students who thrive here. Whether you're interested in our fly-in programs, what we award AP credit for, which counselor will be working with your students this fall, or what scholarships we offer, you'll find it here.

If there are things we could be doing to make your life as a school counselor easier, please let us know.

Thanks for all you do!

Patrick O'Neill
Secondary School Relations

Please to check the status of applicants from your school. If you do not yet have a school account, request one.

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Rochester Principles

Excellence Requires Freedom
Students do best when learning what they love, so we put students in the driver's seat. Our students create their own curriculum by following their passions.

Your education belongs to you; here, we want you to go where your heart and mind lead you. We respect your goals and know that following your interests will help you succeed. William Scott Green
Former Dean of the College
Professor of Religion and Classics

Knowledge Should be Created and Shared
Rochester is consistently ranked among the top 10 private research universities in America. Whatever their passion, from the sciences to the arts, we encourage all our students not just to learn, but to create and share new knowledge.

In any academic arena at this university, the defining characteristics are passion, new ways of thinking and teaching, and the opportunity to work closely with professors who are renowned scholars. Imagine a major research university that actually nurtures every undergraduate's growth. Gladys Pedraza-Burgos
Co-Director, CACHE

Learning at Rochester
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