School Partnerships

In addition to Rochester Area Colleges (RAC) visits and Instant Application Days within the Rochester City School District, the schools below are those with whom we have conducted special outreach activities, such as trainings for students and counselors, workshops for students and parents, and special visits for student groups.

  • Bioscience and Health Careers School at Franklin
  • College Prep at East High School
  • East High School
  • Global Media Arts High School at Franklin
  • International Finance Career High School at Franklin
  • James Monroe High School
  • Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School Commencement Academy
  • Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School Foundation Academy
  • Marshall High School
  • Northeast College Preparatory School
  • Northwest College Preparatory School
  • RCSD Counselor Group
  • School of the Arts
  • School of Applied Technology at Edison
  • School of Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship at Edison
  • School of Engineering & Manufacturing at Edison
  • School of Imaging and Information Technology at Edison
  • School Without Walls Commencement High School
  • School # 16
  • School # 41
  • Thomas Jefferson High School
  • Video Highlight
  • Oswald
    Student Profile: Renaissance Scholar