Rochester Promise

As part of the University's longstanding commitment to our city, to education, and to the empowerment of Rochester's future leaders, this $25,000/year award is exclusively for graduates of the Rochester City School District who enroll at the University (as freshmen or as transfers).

Other Scholarships

These scholarships are specifically designed to eliminate barriers to access and encourage Rochester youth to achieve their aspirations for postsecondary achievement. As you know, the University of Rochester is committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of all admitted students.

  • Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection - $20,000 per year for a former Hillside scholar.
  • Jefferson Youth Leadership Scholarship - Three-quarter tuition scholarship for graduates of Merchants of Hope, Jefferson High School's 6th-8th grade youth leadership program.
  • Wilson International Baccalaureate - Full-tuition scholarship for graduates of the IB Program at Wilson Magnet High School who enroll at the University as freshmen.
  • Jesse Moore Urban League Scholarship - $20,000 per year for youth nominated by the local Urban League office.
  • Youth Lifeline America Scholarship - $15,000 per year for a participant in the national YLA program.
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