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The Gandhi Service Fellowship trains college students in the practices and principles of nonviolence. Fellows design and coordinate projects intended to serve a diverse population in the Rochester community. Projects have included a weeklong alternative spring break, nonviolence education programs at Wilson Foundation Academy in Rochester, interfaith banquets, social justice forums, and the promotion of sustainability.

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2011-2012 Gandhi Service Fellows 

Lendsey Achudi

Lendsey Achudi is a sophomore studying International Affairs at the University of Rochester.

“Working with the Gandhi Institute changed my life completely. I became at peace with my inner self. I am happier and am learning to accept people the way they are without losing who I am. If more people acknowledged the power of nonviolence, we would solve many of the world’s problems.”


Fatima Bawany Fatima Bawany is a freshman studying Religion and Medicine at the University of Rochester.

“As a native Pakistani, I had known quite a bit about Gandhi. But, I only learned about his passion for inter-religious and intercultural understanding after becoming a Gandhi Service Fellow. One of the first gifts I was given when I became part of the Institute was a book called Vows and Observances. After reading it, I was able to see how knowledgeable Gandhi was about other faiths and how he worked to make people of all backgrounds feel welcome and respected.”


Husain BawanyHusain Bawany is pursuing a degree in medicine at St. John Fisher College. He coordinated a religious dialogue dinner at SJFC.








Nadya SpiceNadya Spice is a sophomore studying Imaging Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology. For her Gandhi project she is working to create a social justice club on the RIT campus.