Application Process (Transfers)

Applicants are responsible for submitting the following:

*Required if you’ve completed less than one full-time college year or equivalent in the US. If your college education has been outside the US, you can submit a variety of options to show your preparation.

Specialized Application Documents

International Transfer Applicants

Supporting Materials

Applicants are required to provide their teacher/counselor/school supervisor with the following materials/requests.

  • Academic Evaluator (Common Application)
  • Registrar Report (Common Application)
  • Midterm Report (Common Application) or Rochester Midterm Grade Report Form
  • Family/Community Recommendation Form (optional)

To complete Common Application materials, visit

Financial Aid

If applying for need-based financial aid, click here.

Check your application status (MyRoc)

To ensure that the Office of Admissions has received all of your application materials, click here.

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