How to Apply

  1. Submit the Part 1 Application.
  2. Submit the Common Application (this will include submitting the application fee).
  3. Send us your High School Transcript
    Send your high school transcript showing at least three years of grades.
  4. All freshman applicants are required to submit official test scores. If you are applying as a transfer student, it is recommended that you submit these scores.
  5. Letters of Recommendation
    Submit two letters of recommendation: one from a teacher and one from a guidance counselor.
  6. Send Your English Language Test (PTE Academics, TOEFL or IELTS) Scores
    If your native language is not English, you must fulfill our English language requirement. (If your native language is English or you qualify to have the English language requirement waived, please contact Admissions at
  7. Submit the International Financial Support (IFS) form
    To be eligible for admission, you must demonstrate the ability to cover the estimated cost of at least one year of attendance. For more information, visit
  8. If applying to Dual Degree Programs in Nursing complete the DDN application.
  9. If applying to Dual Degree Programs in Music, complete the DDE application.
  10. Combined-Admission Programs
    If applying to one of the Combined-Admission Programs (GEAR, GRADE, REMS), submit the CAPs application.
  11. Check Your Application Status
    Check your application status to make sure Admissions has received everything.


If you are an international student and are applying to transfer to Rochester, please also submit the following:

  • Registrar's Report
    This form is to be completed by a dean or other college official who has access to your academic record.

  • WES Credit Evaluation
    If you’re applying to transfer to the University of Rochester from a college outside of the U.S., you are required to submit a credit evaluation for your college transcripts from WES.

  • College Course Descriptions
    If you’re applying to transfer to the University of Rochester from a college outside of the U.S., you are encouraged to submit descriptions of the courses you have taken.
  • Video Highlight
  • Oswald
    Student Profile: Renaissance Scholar