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Yellowjacket Weekend

A full schedule of entertainment and activities during Yellowjacket Weekend is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and their families to join students in starting off the new year.

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Kristin Volpicella


Anything I did freshman year was my favorite because I had such amazing bonds with my hall and still have them now.

Yolanda Lu


It was really different from California, where I am originally from. I think college means leaving your hometown and seeing the other side of the country!

Priscilla Kosloski


My favorite thing about the city of Rochester was Park Avenue. On a spring day, there was nothing more I’d rather do than to walk up and down the street, look in shops, and have coffee with friends.

Kali Cohn


For me, the best Rochester experience was a program in which I went to an elementary after school program in the city and helped the children with their homework and provided a friendly face for them to talk to.

Anna Grushevsky


As a freshman I applied for an internship in psychology and I was selected out of many upper-class applicants. This university has research going on in every field all the time.

Kathy Edouard


I am the only U of R student who stays up late to study without the help of Starbucks