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Legal Studies

The minor in legal studies is an interdisciplinary program of study which gives students the opportunity to examine law from a variety of perspectives.

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Ana Calleja


Saturday night I went to watch a movie sponsored by the U of R Cinema Group. It was one of my favorite things to do on campus!

Sara Ribakove


I am the only U of R student who has a twin brother and a mother who has an identical twin.

Alana Kasindorf


I am the only U of R student who has cried on the witness stand during a trial well over 15 times (Mock Trial), and whose major incorporates public speaking, journalism, and my love of classic literature (English LMC).

Kathy Edouard


I am the only U of R student who stays up late to study without the help of Starbucks

Griffin Drake


I have loved using the curriculum to take all kinds of different classes to figure out what I actually want to do while at this school.

Paula Ninger


I’m currently taking lessons at the Eastman School of Music on clarinet. It’s an amazing opportunity. I get to learn from professional music students for no extra cost while still maintaining my other academic endeavors here at the U of R.

Brandon McDonald


I am currently a lab technician at the University of Rochester Medical Center and I have taken credit-based lessons at the Eastman School of Music and most importantly being a Resident Advisor, a member of the Leadership Development Program and the Business Manager for SOCA has allowed me to hone my leadership skills.

Danielle Chiz


I visited the Lilac Festival just a ten minute walk from the University. I was able to enjoy a beautiful summer day with my friends and mingle with people from all over Rochester.