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Rochester promotes, collects résumés, and facilitates applications for many top national internship programs.

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Priscilla Kosloski


My favorite thing about the city of Rochester was Park Avenue. On a spring day, there was nothing more I’d rather do than to walk up and down the street, look in shops, and have coffee with friends.

Ha Hyung Lee


The moment that I visited the U of R, I instantly knew that I belong here… The university combines the beauty of the rustic scenery and the vivacity of an urban city. Furthermore, the lack of general education requirements told me that the University wants me to pursue whichever subject I feel most passionate about.

Avery Parker


Although we pride ourselves on not having a “typical Rochester student”, there are characteristics common to the Rochester way of life. Each student is internally driven and focused when it comes to academics. There is no hostility or negative competition surrounding grades, research, or internships.

Emily Hart


My favorite off campus event takes place during the first week as a student at the University of Rochester- Wilson Day. It is an incredible event where the entire freshmen class travels to various parts of the city and partakes in community service. As a huge proponent of service to others, I love the initiative that the University takes to get students involved in the Rochester community during their first week.