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The clubs students create (more than 220, and growing each year) are as diverse as their members, covering the spectrum of community service, spirituality, entertainment, and politics.

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Yanyi Jiang


The most appealing about the University of Rochester is the size of the international student body and the clubs corresponding to different cultures

MT Wesley


I made the University of Rochester MINE! This was my home, and I decided to take advantage of every opportunity.

Dante Watkins


I was pretty unsure as to where I wanted to go. However, after I came to visit when they invited the admitted freshmen for a weekend, I was amazed at how welcoming the students and professors were.

Louisa Slocum


I really enjoyed the activities fair every fall. It was a great way to find new clubs and organizations to join and also a great way to meet people.

Emily Reiss


The public market on Saturdays was a lot of fun. It was great to get out into the city and see the great diversity of Rochester in the people and the food.

Dave LeBlanc


I wanted to go to a college near home with a good music program.

Kristina Doot


…because I’m a singer the proximity to the Eastman School of Music made it really easy to take lessons, see shows, and meet other singers.

Liz Kaminsky


My favorite tradition at U of R was the tolling of the bell. It rang every fifteen minutes and let you know exactly what time it was, no matter where you were on campus.