Katie Flaschner

Buffalo, NY

Academic Interests

Extracurricular Activities

I am the only U of R student who is not embarrassed to walk around with their lanyard around her neck, day in and day out, as I plan to do throughout my four years here. CONVENIENCE!

What is your favorite University of Rochester tradition? Why?

My favorite tradition is by far “MELIORA.” As soon as I got here as a freshman, I think I overestimated the daily use of the University’s slogan meaning, “ever better” and the next thing I knew, unknowledgeable people were asking me if it was a field hockey term, since we started to cheer it before games. Now, at the end of my sophomore year, it is being put on more clothing for more organizations than I have every seen. I won’t take the credit for Meliora going viral, but I’m glad I could contribute!

What is your most meaningful extracurricular activity? Why?

My field hockey career on this campus is by far my most meaningful extracurricular. The athletic component of my college experience has gone above and beyond my expectations. My coaches have become the most positive role models in my life and I look up to every one of my teammates, freshmen and seniors alike. Yes, we are working towards a championship and an NCAA championship run, but this program has been such a vehicle for personal growth. It is a group of young women pushing each other mentally, physically and emotionally and I couldn’t be more thankful for how it has shaped me thus far.

What is your favorite University of Rochester memory?

Scoring my first collegiate goal against Brockport towards the end of my freshman season. My best friend assisted it and I remember tapping it in and we just looked at each other in disbelief. Looking at my sophomore year, my most memorable goal of the year came again against Brockport, assisted by my best friend yet again! It was a shot that I had been working on for two years and finally scored using it. We both went down to our knees and just stared at each other. It’s these moments, where we accomplish such great measures with the support of our closest friends that have defined my favorite memories at the University.

What is your favorite thing about the City of Rochester?

My favorite thing about this city is that you can find everything you look for in a bigger city, on a smaller scale. If I want to go experience some great theater, I head to Geva Theatre. If I want to witness some of the greatest musical talent in the world, Eastman is right downtown. If I want to experience top-tier sports, we have Red Wings games or Amerks games just a few miles away. We have the shopping, we have the food, and we have such diversity and culture. Everything is so accessible to us, and it is so easy to experience all that this city has to offer.

Why did you choose the University of Rochester?

My appreciation of our University came with time. Every interaction I had with this campus (my first meeting, my tour, my admissions interview, and my overnight stay) incrementally increased the certainty that I was meant to be here. I first came to this campus for a field hockey camp in the summer after my junior year. As a very open-minded person, my only prerequisites for my college search were that I wanted to play my sport and I wanted to go somewhere academically challenging. The athletic department could not have been a better fit.

From day one, my team has been my home, and my coaches have become my role models. I couldn’t look up to them more. Outside of athletics, this campus has become my home, as I knew it would. I have grown so much in my first year here – intellectually, athletically, and personally. I chose this school not only because it presents unbelievable opportunities but because it brings a group of people together who are so different in every aspect of their personae. My relationships with these people have and are changing my life, making me the person I want to be.

What did you do last Saturday night?

On Saturday night I had a team dinner and then we went to the Vocal Point Concert. One of my teammates and best friends is in the all-female a cappella group and they reduce me to tears every single time.

What is your dream job after graduating from the University of Rochester?

Perhaps not immediately after I graduate will I be actively working my dream job, however, this place has given me such confidence that I can work towards and achieve exactly what I dream of doing. Right now, my dream in life is to succeed as an actress, or work in some sort of entertainment. I would love to find myself achieve some recognition in comedy. One plan is to potentially go to Grad School for film or media performance. Another goal I have is to always continue humanitarian work, hopefully abroad. I plan to serve in the Peace Corps. for two years, perhaps not directly after Rochester, but we will see! Although these two platforms seem to have absolutely nothing in common, they are what I envision as I study here. Whether it’s Saturday Night Live or the United Nation, this campus has facilitated me to strive for both in my studies.

What is your favorite part of the UR Campus to show on a tour?

When it is nice outside, my favorite place to take a tour group is the balcony right outside of the Periodical Reading Room, which looks out over the Academic Quad. We are always so busy on this campus, running from one thing to the next, fulfilling our ambitions.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

Valeria Sinclair-Chapman taught me American Politics last year, African American Politics this year, and will teach me Race and Political Representation this coming fall. African American Politics in the fall has been my favorite class thus far at the University. The discussion she provoked was so controversial and the personalities in the class made for a setting that has motivated me to pursue a study of politics.

What’s been your favorite class? Why?

My favorite class on campus was Introduction to Acting Techniques (ENG 175). It was in the Drama House on Friday afternoons brought together such a diverse group of students including athletes, Eastman students, and others just looking to explore the creative arts. It was an unbelievable experience that gave me confidence to continue to explore my love of theater here at Rochester.

What are your Clusters?

I’ll finish a cluster in Brain and cognitive sciences to fulfill the Natural Science Requirement. As far as the social science department, I have finished a psychology minor, which used to be an intended major. I will finish a major in political science. Looking at humanities, I started out as a media communications cluster but am now not only looking to complete a major in film and media studies, but to design my own major which will hopefully include theater classes as well. It’s safe to say that an attempted cluster at this school can very easily turn into a minor or even a major.

How would you describe the “typical Rochester student?”

It’s hard to give you a cookie-cutter description of our average student. I’ll tell you this, the “average Rochester student” is driven in their passions. Everyone here knows what he or she love to do, and they feel confident in the presence of the rest of the campus doing going after their passions whole-heartedly. The “average Rochester student” is internally competitive. We compete against ourselves to be our very best, we’re not against each other. By far, the “average Rochester student” is the most supportive peer I’ve ever had. We are each confident enough with our own work that we are always helping each other, and we know that collaboration is much faster route to success than anyone trying to do it all on their own.