Venessa Simpson

Rochester, NY

Academic Interests

Extracurricular Activities

I am the only U of R student whose home is less than 5 minutes away but will always live on campus.

What is your favorite University of Rochester tradition? Why?

My favorite University of Rochester tradition would have to be Meliora Weekend. Although this weekend sometimes seems like it is mostly focused on alumni and parents I have continuously had an amazing time at all of the events that are held. Its so cool that our University is able to get so many different keynote speakers that have accomplished so much in their life. Its a pretty inspirational way to start off the semester.

What is your most meaningful extracurricular activity? Why?

My most meaningful extracurricular activity would have to be being a freshmen residential advisor. Its a honor to be able to work with students fresh out of high school and help them through their first year in college. Through RA training I have learned about so many resources on campus that I am not only able to help my residents but that are also places that I can use to help myself.

What is your favorite University of Rochester memory?

My favorite University of Rochester memory was a small culture shock about college. When my professor dismissed my very first class I was shocked to realize that there were no bells to signify that the class was over. I was very confused for a moment and then I realized I really wasn’t in high school anymore.

Why is University of Rochester a good fit for you?

The University of Rochester is an amazing fit for me not only academically but also because I feel so comfortable with everyone that I meet here. After visiting the school and staying over night I was really able to see the friendly demeanor of people that are affiliated with the University and they made me feel completely at home. This is one of the main thing that made my decision to attend the University.

What did you do last Saturday night?

I went to one of the University’s all-male a cappella groups, the YellowJackets, spring concert. They were amazing and had such a great set!

If you could meet one celebrity on a tour, who would it be?

Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Rihanna is one of my biggest idols and a huge inspiration to me. If I had the honor of her coming on one of my tours I would tell her just how much her music can help calm me and get me in a great mood. Which is especially valuable during finals week!

What is your favorite off campus event and why?

The Lilac Festival at Highland Park is one of my favorite festivals that is hosted in Rochester. Being as it doesn’t start until May it is such a great way to end the school year and finals week. They have several performances there and all kinds of shopping kiosks where you can buy items that you would not be able to find any where else. The lilacs are in full bloom at this point in the year and look beautiful as you walk around and enjoy the sun.